Sunswept Place 12544-12582 Ventura Blvd Studio City | 20 Months of Construction


Overhead power, Spectrum, Crown, AT&T to Sunswept to be done summer 2021

Undergrounding to begin after issuance of building permits – 16-18 weeks at night

Substantial Sunswept Bridge stabilization to commence fall 2021 – residential


Submission to Planning, LADBS June 2021

Building construction commencing January 2023 extending to late fall 2024.
Bridge stabilization and 50,000 cy excavation to commence first – 4 months
Building construction to follow - 16 months


Construction satisfies Noise, Air Quality, Biological, Tree, Traffic CEQA.
Last undeveloped sizeable infill in Ventura-Cahuenga Corridor Specific Plan

Existing hillside is landslide – Sunswept Bridge is below seismic stability required


Comprehensive Traffic Study concluded there are no significant impacts to surrounding six closest intersections

All parking needs will be provided by 154 car spaces provided on site for restaurants, retail, and 27 condominiums. Many spaces are reserved for electric charging vehicles. In addition, massive number of bicycle spaces are provided. Parking for units is provided mainly by separate level. All parking access is from a wide driveway on the west end of Ventura Blvd, furthest away from the intersection at Whitsett Ave. No vehicle or pedestrian access from Sunswept Drive.

Ventura Blvd provides major bus routes running every 15 minutes or less.
Within walking distance of jobs, essential services, and Studio City amenities.