Sunswept Place 12544-12582 Ventura Blvd Studio City | 20 Months of Construction

Studio City History Circa 1925(copy)


Shown below is the Hollywood Hills Country Club, about 1925. We are facing south, with Coldwater Canyon going south and Ventura going east.

If you follow east, you can see Fairway splitting off south, follow it around to Sunswept Drive, come along to where the Sunswept Bridge is now.

But if you zoom in Ctrl +, you can see there probably was no bridge in 1925 – but the picture is a little fuzzy. Ooops. 40 vertical feet of dirt have slid down the hill to Ventura Blvd and beyond.
And will slide some more, until we fix the situation.




Historic Picture Universal Studios circa 1915


Zulu Hut 11100 Ventura Blvd Late 1920s