Sunswept Place 12544-12582 Ventura Blvd Studio City | 20 Months of Construction

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Sunswept Bridge stabilization - $6 million – 1995 BOE study concluded major repairs needed for bridge and landslide – work never done; general seismic safety requirements have since been raised significantly, so bridge is even further below “One good soak and a good shake, there goes the bridge and all the dirt under it” – 1926 study shows about 30 vertical feet of land has slid down the hill since 1926 – Sunswept Drive at one point had no bridge, the road was on dirt - $6 million cost borne by developers.
Undergrounding Utilities on Ventura Blvd - $2.3 million  U permit issued June 2021 for undergrounding 500 to 800 Feet Ventura Blvd – DWP, Spectrum, AT&T, Crown Castle – see Before and After above, substantial beautification of Ventura Blvd- $2.3 million cost borne by developers.
Running DWP, Spectrum, Crown Castle, AT&T Lines  to Sunswept - $120,000 – worked with LADWP Overhead to  rerun poles on the project east side from Ventura to Sunswept, bringing power for LADWP to serve future 800 feet east on Sunswept Drive, as well as allowing Spectrum, AT&T to serve homes on Sunswept  - construction starts June 2021
Security on Sunswept and Ventura – $100,000 annual cost – infill construction on the last major undeveloped portion of Ventura Blvd. With the construction done, the twenty-year issues of homeless and dealers will be hopefully eliminated on this 423 linear foot undeveloped hillside parcel fronting on Ventura, and running from Ventura Blvd to Sunswept Drive. Constant danger to residents on Sunswept and beyond from the hundreds of small fires lit on the hillside over the years in this Very High Fire District zone – evidence of these fires and trash can be found all over the hillside, and in the damaged trees and bushes.
Storm Drain Upgrading – $80,000 - BOE requires replacement of the existing 12-inch storm drain with a 24-inch storm drain, and burial of the pipe – pipe is now above ground. The larger pipe will make an overflow condition (flooding on Sunswept) far less likely to occur. The lower potential for soil saturation and subsequent liquefaction makes the hillside safer (in addition to all the remedial grading). For those who remember the “once in 100 years rain event” of the 1980s, where a one-mile-long, 4-inch-high and 20-feet-wide torrent of water silently raced down Sunswept Drive, overwhelming the existing storm drain.
Removal of Building - $3 million - and Billboard - $1.5 million
One of the steps preliminary to construction, after we receive building permits from LADBS, will be to demolish the small building on the site - $3 million lost, and remove the 14’ x 48’ billboard - $1.5 million lost.
What if _________________ happened?
Fill in your own contingency, lots to choose from – quake, flood, fire, etc.
All changed when the project is completed.
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